Books for Beginners

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Hangul & Korean Pronunciation

Ideal book for absolute beginners!

What you will learn from this book

  • How to write Hangul
  • How to read Hangul with correct pronunciation
  • Correct rules on reading 받침 (batchim)
  • Learn all the key aspects of connected speech, such as rules sound assimilation and nasalization

This book contains writing practice pages, so that you can practice writing the Hangul letters you are learning.

Lastly, this book also comes with video and audio files so that you can see how each Hangul letter is written and you can also hear the correct pronunciation of Hangul letters and Korean words.

Essential Korean Grammar Level 1

For beginner Korean learners

What you will learn from this book

  1. How to use Korean numbers
  2. How honorific language works in Korean
  3. How to form Korean sentences
  4. How to use Korean pronouns
  5. How to form sentences in present tense
  6. How to use all the common particles in Korean

This book is ideal for beginner Korean learners - those who have learned how to read Hangul, and are now ready to lay the foundations for future Korean learning.